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Nes -Metal sculptor-
Artistic approach
“When I was 5, I visited the torture and Inquisition Museum in Santillana del Mar with my parents. I was both fascinated and terrified by the ability mankind has to make others suffer. The way men find so many techniques to develop monstrosity really scared me. My work transcends this monstrosity thanks to a soft appearance that hides the violent side of humanity. I want to show the dark side of mankind, human experience of suffering, man’s ability to hide the part of horror that lies deep inside in order to bring out the path from darkness to light.”
Nes freed her gesture and began to let people discover her world through her both baroque and poetic sculptures. Inspired by the punk music and culture, she draws strength from metal and turns it into a world of arabesques, curves and chains: strength of the material, fragility of aerial shape, a complex imaginary world poetic and tormented. From darkness to light, from chains to steel lace. Both her baroque and fantasy worlds join into a unique goal which is to give a soul/ a second life to log forgotten industrial materials.
She plays on appearances, shades, light and contrast. She works hostile elements until she can bide them to embody lightness, softness and grace. She is famous for using chainsaw chains in her art, and was therefore nicknamed “the iron lace-maker”.   
“Here are some of the questions that drive me on:
How can we show analytical abilities and live together considering that each of us can have his share of monstrosity? Where do the boundaries of extreme behaviour of human beings lie? How can we break away from everyday life, from our perception illusions to lighten this suffering, to stop hiding our dark side? How can we break free from prejudice and not to trust appearances? How can we live with our dark side? Meditating, accepting, denying, rebelling?”
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